Bathroom Credit – renovate the bathroom

If you want to renovate the bathroom in your apartment or house, you have to expect costs that are often in the four-digit euro range. For this reason, it may be necessary to take out a loan for the bathroom.

Bank loans – provided by the house bank 

Bank loans - provided by the house bank 

Most installment loans that are provided by the house bank or another bank are not earmarked and can be used as a bathroom loan. The same applies to an overdraft facility. The latter is only suitable, however, if the costs for converting or expanding the bathroom are not very high. The amount of the overdraft facility is determined individually and depends on the amount of the monthly income.
Anyone applying for an installment loan receives the entire loan amount in one amount and has to repay it later in monthly installments.
If the requirements are met, a construction or real estate loan can be taken out and used for the planned construction work in the bathroom. Many real estate loans have a long term and are characterized by low interest rates.

Grants and grants – for senior citizens or people with disabilities

Grants and grants - for senior citizens or people with disabilities

If a bathroom is to be upgraded for senior citizens or people with disabilities, it may be possible to apply for government funding or private grants. In some cases, it could also be worth asking the landlord whether he would be willing to pay all or part of the cost of the bathroom renovation. Many landlords agree to pre-finance the bathroom renovation costs and then bill the tenant. The tenant in turn would have the choice of paying the cost in one amount or in installments. It would be particularly easy if the landlord added the monthly installments to the rent.

Compare loans

Compare loans

Similar to any other loan, a loan for the bathroom also means that the entire supply situation is very confusing. For this reason, anyone interested in a bathroom loan should carefully research and then make a decision for a particular lender. A comparison on the Internet can be a valuable help here.

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