5 Healthy Living Habits for Successful Aging:

5 Healthy Living Habits for Successful Aging:

Aging is a stage to which we will all come. Undoubtedly, the lifestyles that we carry from an early age will mark our quality of living in old age. Likewise, over the years, healthy lifestyles or habits play a fundamental role in this age and are related to food, tobacco or alcohol consumption, a sedentary life, absence of social ties, among others, which in turn are considered as risk or protection factors. Here we are offering 5 healthy living habits for successful aging:

1. Physical Activity:

It is the key to successful aging and today it is very important to promote and facilitate an increase in physical activity from an early age. We suggest that seniors devote 150 minutes per week in moderate physical activity. The walk is one of the best options, since it favors the sensation of security, improves the balance, increases the speed of displacement, reduces the stress and the risk of cardiac illnesses, maintains the suitable weight and diminishes the sensation of fatigue. The time and type of physical activities should be indicated by the trusted doctor, especially if you have a history of major injuries.

2. Avoid consumption or exposure to cigarettes:

WHO claims that smoking is the leading cause of death? Smoking contributes substantially to diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, and cirrhosis, among others. Elderly people are more at risk from the harmful and toxic consequences of tobacco. The abandonment of this habit by older adults not only increases their life expectancy but also reduces their physical and psychological dependence. Planning for insurance is easy at https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/

3. Maintain proper hygiene:

Many health problems, such as infections or oral or dermatological problems are the result of poor hygiene. It is essential to go to the dentist once a year to have control over your oral health. If the elderly do not maintain proper oral hygiene, it can suffer serious consequences such as gum disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities, cancer of the mouth, dry mouth, and bad breath, among others.

4. Healthy eating:

Both fruits and vegetables must be present in each of the five meals throughout life and even more in old age. Also, legumes and rice because of their high fiber content. Corn, whole meal bread, oats, and wheat are a great source of vitamins and fiber. On the other hand, fish is the ideal and protein food with very little fat.

5. Social activity:

It is vital that older adult enjoy their golden age. Meet with your friends, dance, talk, paint, make crafts, and practice theater, among other activities, favor the well-being and quality of life in old age.